Thursday, January 27, 2011

27/365 Car Troubles

About 8 months ago my wife's father had a stroke.  He had to be rushed to the hospital last Saturday.  He was released today. My wife stayed at the hospital with her mother the entire time.  As she went to start her car to leave it wouldn't start.  She called AAA and they arrived in about 45 minutes to give the battery a jump.  Got it started without any problem.  She went to leave the parking garage and because she didn't have a ticket (free on weekends, no ticket issued) she owed $7.  They didn't not take a card.  Cash or check only.  She was out of checks too.  So she called me again.  My goodness.  So I thought and said there was probably an ATM in the hospital.  But she couldn't shut off the car.  So I remembered that I keep an emergency bag in her car.  It has $20 in it.  Ten $1 and $10 worth of quarters.  She found it, paid the man and got out of there.  I told her we needed milk so she said she would stop at the little store at the corner.  Well they don't take cards either.  What a time.  Needless to say she is glad to be home.  She is sleeping right now.

Checked out the car when she got home.  The charging system is OK, so I'm going to fully charge the battery and hopefully that will be that.  Whew!

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