Wednesday, March 2, 2011

61/365 Backup, Backup, Backup...

The laptop I use as a video player came out of hibernation Monday into what is called "Startup Repair".  I allowed it to run in this mode for a few hours.  I finally shut it down and attempted to find out what the problem was to no avail.  Did find out that the registry was corrupted and there wasn't anything I could do, other than reinstall Windows 7.  So I did.  Even though I have my older pics on a separate partition the reinstall wiped them.  Fortunately a free little program called Power Data Recovery saved the day.  I recovered nearly 6 Gigs of photos and 4 Gigs of other data.  The data I could have gotten by without but not the pics.  I was using this computer as a backup, which was OK, except I hadn't backed it up anywhere else.  So I burned  everything to DVD's and now I feel better.  I won't let that happen again.  So backup your photo's and anything else important to CD/DVD or the 'cloud'.

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  1. I don't think i have ever backed up my computer. I'm a bad girl!