Thursday, March 17, 2011

76/365 Spring Stinger

Was out in the backyard wondering what I was going to capture for the POTD today.  I sure wanted something that was showing some sort of life.  Well here it is.  I have another one of these in the Collection/Set, "Insects and Other Creature/Things That Sting".  I'm not sure what the drop is under his wing.  I'm going to check it out but I'm going to guess it was collecting sap for a nest and that is where it stores it.  BTW, this would have been SOOC but I had to crop it (but I didn't re-size it).


  1. Bugs make my skin crawl, but I plan on doing a lot of macro with bugs this year

  2. I really like taking macros of any insect! Once you see the results you will probably be hooked also. It's a whole different world!